If you are wearing dentures, chances are you will require denture repairs at some point down the line. Modern dentures are durable enough to last you years, but even then, there is always the risk of unprecedented damage or some other issue.

Your oral care physician can help you with how to repair dentures in Sugar Land and nearby areas, but when to go for repair? That is something you need to have an idea about.

Signs That Your Denture Needs Repair

Sometimes you can clearly see if your denture needs repair; other times, not so much. Here are some tell-tale signs that your denture requires fixing.

1.    Breakage

If you see breakage in the denture or find a tooth missing, it is evident that you need to take it for repair to a professional. The breakage can happen because of mishandling or dropping on the floor or by itself if the quality of the material is low.

2.    Cracks

Even if there is no full breakage but you notice a minor crack, you still need to take it for repair. A crack or even a chip can cause trouble when you wear the denture. You can cut your gums, which in turn can lead to inflammation and infection.

3.    Difficulty in Chewing

how to repair dentures in Sugar Land

Your denture issue might not be visible on the surface, but you can still tell if something is wrong with it if you feel difficulty in chewing. Dentures are meant to make chewing and eating more comfortable, not more challenging. So, when you face a problem with the activity, it is time to get your dentures checked.

Summing Up

You can also identify a denture in need of repair by bad breath or changed facial appearance. If you see signs of any of these, you should take your dentures to a professional for repair.